trade schools for struggling students

My sixteen-year-old son has struggled to get this far in high school. At this point, we know that he will not be attending a college to become a doctor or lawyer, but that he will be going to a trade school instead. Why would we make this plan so soon? Will he really benefit from going to a trade school and not a college? There are so many benefits to going to a trade school, and if you visit my blog, you will learn what those benefits are. Hopefully, you will gain a better understanding of how a trade school can help a struggling student create a career plan that is reachable.

3 Tips for Improving Your Performance in CNA Classes


A career as a certified nursing assistant can offer you job security and personal fulfillment. If you enjoy helping others, are a natural nurturer, and you are interested in a career in healthcare, then taking some certified nursing assistant classes is your first step toward achieving an interesting and professionally satisfying career. Classes for CNA training will be enriching and informative. You can help guarantee your success in those classes by doing some prep work ahead of time. Here are three tips for improving your performance in CNA classes.

Take a healthy cooking class.

Nutrition for wellness plays a critical role in aiding people in their convalescence. Some CNA training requires students to take a nutrition class. However, you can take it a step further by taking a healthy cooking class. Many local gyms and parks and recreation programs hold affordable cooking classes in local neighborhoods. While a CNA cannot dispense nutritional advice to a patient, they can still provide quality care by understanding how to execute nutritional advice given by a registered dietitian or doctor. Nutrition plays a huge role in health and recovery for patients.

Improve your writing skills with an English class.

Taking a basic English class is a good idea if you need to improve or revive your writing skills. In the healthcare field, everything from chart notes to prescriptions is communicated via writing. In order to be successful in this field, you need to be able to communicate clearly and concisely. You can take a basic English class at your local community college or check out resources at your local library. You can apply your improved writing skills not only to your CNA education, but also to your job search when you write cover letters while looking for your first position as a CNA.

Visit a tutoring center to improve your study skills.

When you take CNA classes from a trade STNA school such as Alia HealthCare Services, you absorb a huge amount of new information. You need to make sure that your reading comprehension and study habits are effective and will also help you to be a successful student and candidate for a CNA position. Most schools, local libraries, and community colleges have a tutoring center. Meet with a tutor to help iron out a good plan for taking notes and studying effectively. You can also form a study group at a tutoring center.


30 June 2015